Graduating students reflect on undergrad experience

Campbell University will confer degrees to more than 500 undergraduate and 300 graduate students on Friday and Saturday across five commencement ceremonies. Six very-soon-to-be Campbell alumni   reflected on their undergraduate experience at Campbell. Read what these six members of the Class of 2013 have to say about how they’ve grown, what they’ve learned, what they’ll miss, and where they’re off to next after the jump.

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(And earlier we posted an entry in recognition of National Teacher Week that highlighted six future teachers who’ll graduate from Campbell on Saturday and in August.)


Abby Norris

Trust and wealth management and MBA major in 3/2 program from Catonsville, Md. image

Why I chose Campbell: I always knew that I wanted to move south for college, something about hospitality and beautiful country living. Campbell was everything I was looking for in a college experience: a small campus where the faculty take a real interest in each of the students and an interesting business major (Trust 3/2) with great internship opportunities and incredible placement for graduates.

How I’d describe my time at Campbell: A time of personal development and growth. I’m so thankful that I found Campbell. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience or a better education that has prepared me for success in my career in a competitive field.

How Campbell has prepared me for the future: The MBA program has been especially helpful for my career. The knowledge that you gain from a Campbell MBA and the invaluable experience of working with your peers and professors is unparalleled. The Trust & Wealth Management Program has been a wonderful experience as well. I fell in love with trust during first year at Campbell. It’s such an interesting field of study and provides extensive education of the trust field that really sets Trust majors apart from general finance majors at other universities.

A memorable Campbell moment: I will always remember my last week of classes. They were the busiest days of my college career. Every waking minute I was with my classmates editing a 60-page paper, splicing together pieces of a video, studying for a final, or rehearsing a presentation. As crazy and stressful as it was, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my last days of college or a better group of individuals to spend them with.

What makes me Campbell Proud: The atmosphere that the students and faculty create on campus and in the community. Campbell has a great relationship with the community, which creates a welcoming atmosphere for students as we travel off campus and see community members at games and events.

What’s next for me: I have taken a job with the Wells Fargo Trust Center in Long Beach, Calif. I’m very excited for the move and for the opportunities that my education and experience at Campbell have created for me.

Ashleigh Glover

Social work major with a minor in psychology from Silk Hope, N.C.image

How I ended up at Campbell: I stumbled upon Campbell. I graduated from community college with an associate’s degree in criminal justice. I was in search of a place that could offer a small hometown feel and still be in the reach of downtown events and shopping. I visited Campbell and fell in love with the beautiful campus. I met with the School of Education faculty and some attending students. I knew Campbell was the place for me.

How I’d describe my time at Campbell: Unforgettable. Campbell has offered me a place to learn and grow in the field of social work. I have met the best people, classmates, professors and lifelong friends. Campbell has allowed me to grow spiritually as well as mentally. There are many schools that I could have attended, but there is a special place in my heart for a place that begins and ends with God.

How Campbell has prepared me for the future: The university andthe Department of Social Work prepared me for the future by offering many opportunities to learn and grow. While at Campbell, I have had two internships in my field. At the job fair that was held in March at the Pope Convocation Center, I was offered and accepted a position in social work at a local organization in Harnett County.

Words I heard at Campbell that will stay with me: A wise professor told me that the people are the most important. Make time to meet new people, help somebody when nobody is looking, and always remember that we all start as strangers.

What makes me Campbell Proud: To watch the local news and hear our small hometown university being mentioned with big league names, whether it be for our new medical school, our top-notch law school, or one of our sports teams being in top in the Big South Conference.

What’s next for me: I can’t get enough of Campbell University. I have applied to the School of Education’s Master of Mental Health Counseling program. I hope to eventually open my own counseling program.

Chante’Renee Clark

Social work major with minor in psychology from Whiteville, N.C.image

Why I chose Campbell: I knew I wanted to be at Campbell from the moment I came for a private visit. The staff was friendly, nice, helpful; and because it felt so genuine, I knew Campbell was for me. The close-knit feel of the campus and community made me feel like “the Creek” would be a great a place to call home for four years.

How I’d describe my time at Campbell: I loved my undergraduate experience. My time at Campbell has been a great blessing. I’ve been able to grow and mature as a student, person, professional, and Christian.

How Campbell has prepared me for the future: I’ve had the chance to gain some hands-on experience with the population and the field that I want to work with through two internships. Campbell has also prepared me in that I am competent in my ability to try to help improve the well-being of individuals, groups, or families through the use of a variety of techniques.

Words I heard at Campbell that will stay with me: Campbell President Jerry Wallace always encouraging us to be “the salt of the Earth.”

What makes me Campbell Proud: The Christian education that I have received while being able to grow personally and spiritually within the past four years has been humbling. Not only that but also the leadership of President Wallace and his colleagues and how compassionate and loyal they are about creating the best learning atmosphere for students makes me Campbell Proud.

What’s next for me: I’ll be attending the University of South Carolina and be in their Advance Standing Masters of Social Work Program (10 ½ month program). After that I will be considering coming back to Campbell to attend law school in the fall of 2014.

Luke Ennis

Exercise and sport science major from Fayetteville, N.C.image

How I ended up at Campbell: My sister played volleyball here, so I visited the campus and got a tour. I felt a connection with Campbell’s atmosphere.

What’ll I remember about my time at Campbell: That it got better and better as the years went by. I ended up with so many friends by the end of my tenure there, and they were all such a blessing. I also developed better relationships with my professors and department as the years went by.

How Campbell has prepared me for the future: Campbell has prepared me for my future not just by giving me knowledge, but by tapping into my potential and making me grow as a person in my community. It developed my passion for learning and for serving others.

A memorable Campbell moment: My memories with my hospice patients will be engrained in my memory forever.

Words I heard at Campbell that will stay with me: The principle of always being on the lookout for networking opportunities will also stay with me.

What makes me Campbell Proud: Knowing that I have received a great education from a top institution. Campbell President Jerry Wallace’s vision also makes me Campbell proud. Campbell is adding new programs that will make our institution even better.

What’s next for me: Yet to be decided. I’m still praying about it. I definitely want to go to medical school in the near future, and I’m interested in doing a research position for the coming year.

Samuel Faulkner

Psychology major from Henderson, N.C.image

Why I chose Campbell: I was recruited to play football for Campbell, which ultimately led me to choose the Campbell experience.

How I’d describe my time at Campbell: My time at Campbell has been the most monumental turning point in my life. My experience here instilled me with purpose in academia and motivation and dedication to being a leader of the future. Most importantly, though, it has given me a commitment to service that will extend well into my graduate studies and professional life.

How Campbell has prepared me for the future: I was fortunate enough to step into several leadership positions as my time as a Camel. As president of the Psychology Club and as a student ambassador I learned how to work closely with people. I learned how to motivate and bring together groups of people in support of a common cause and understanding. These leadership qualities, due in most part to amazing faculty advisement, will prepare me the most for my future endeavors.

Words I heard at Campbell that will stay with me: One of the most influential pieces of advice I’ve been given was by Dr. Gary Taylor, a professor of psychology. We were talking about how people use substances (i.e. cigarettes) often to hide their pain. His advice was that experiencing pain is a part of being a human being. What that meant to me was that I can not only expect to be sad, hurt, anxious and stressed, but that those feelings of pain are simply a part of who I am. They can’t conquer me or hinder me; they just are me.

What makes me Campbell Proud: The advancement that has taken place at the university. Not only is the campus physically more beautiful and appealing, so are our graduate and undergraduate programs. We’ve built the first medical school in North Carolina in 35 years, and it seems like we’re adding programs in the most important professional areas daily.

What’s next for me: Next semester I’ll be entering my first year at East Carolina University’s Pediatric School Psychology PhD program. Within four to five years I’ll have my doctoral degree and will hopefully then begin work as a school or pediatric psychologist.

Sena Bekric

International business major from Belgrade, Serbia image

How I ended up at Campbell: Four years ago, I was searching the NCAA website and trying to find schools to apply to. The website offered more than 3,000 schools. Therefore, under each letter I picked out one school to apply to; I figured it was easier that way. When I came to letter ‘C’, I selected Campbell University. I sent out my portfolio to the track and field coach. At the time, the coach was Jim Patchell. Coach Patchell called me a few days later and the decision was made.

How I’d describe my time at Campbell: Very reviving. When I first came here in 2009, I was just a kid, with no clear dream, nor path in my life. At first, I did not have a car, a laptop, nor a cellphone. As the time was passing by, week after week, month after month, I was able to sort out my priorities and become able to acquire any necessity I needed. I came to Campbell to find my way in life, and I did. I feel like I was guided by God throughout my entire time spent here. In the most difficult moments, He never abandoned me and He made sure I knew He was there. During the last four years, my faith in God has strengthened, my self-esteem has grown, and I finally have a plan.

Where I worked on campus: I found a job in Campus Safety, where I worked my entire student career. In Campus Safety, I made not only colleagues, but also friends and, I have to say, new family members.

One of the best decisions I made at Campbell: To study within the Lundy Fetterman School of Business. Ever since my first day in class with Dean Ben Hawkins, I knew that my interest lies within the borders of international business. While learning about my major from great faculty in Lundy-Fetterman, I have learned about myself, my interests, and goals in life. When I compare myself to Sena from four years ago, I not only see a person who stands strong with both of her feet on the ground, but also a person who dreams big and pursues her dreams.

A memorable Campbell experience: Being a member of the track and field and cross country teams was one of the greatest experiences that I had at Campbell.

Words I heard at Campbell that will stay with me: “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. Never give up.” One of my best friends told me this, and I always remember it in moments of distress.

at makes me Campbell Proud: I was able to come to Campbell all by myself, with minimal knowledge of English language and American culture, and still adapt. Furthermore, I was able to maintain high GPA over the course of four years, and still work and run track at the same time. I was on the Dean’s List and President’s list a couple of times, and I was given a Faculty Award for Excellence in International Business for being an Outstanding Senior. Finally, I am proud of myself for being able to find a job and start my career right after graduationxt for me: New York City. I got a job with a strategic wealth advisor company, AJ Wealth. AJ Wealth is located in Manhattan, Broadway; just what I always wanted. I will start in a position of administrative assistant with insight in accounting and will train to eventually become a financial analyst. Furthermore, my next step includes applying everything that Campbell taught me, while I pursue my dreams and build the new ones.

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