“We plan on continuing to do more ‘big things’”

Earlier today we posted on our homepage a story about how the video of a trick golf shot by students in Campbell University’s PGA Golf Management University Program (CUPGM) has gone viral. In addition to the people we quoted in that story, we also touched base with Ben Polland, one of the seniors who helped make the trick shot. Polland was also one of the five students on Campbell’s team that won the 2012 PGA Jones Cup in November.

He answered a few questions this afternoon about his experience with the video and his time with CUPGM.


Ben Polland is second from the left on the top row. 

How did the video come to be?

It began with a challenge presented to us by our assistant director, Ryan Dailey. He showed us a video of six people doing the putts and asked if we could get seven. Nathan [Mead, president of the PGA Golf Management Student Association] came up with the idea of having a monthly class competition. This was January’s competition; and as you can see, we had nine seniors win the competition with a pretty impressive shot.

What does it say about the PGA Golf University Management Program at Campbell?

The video has more to do with the culture we have here at Campbell in our program. We understand that golf has been trending down in the past decade, and that our goal as future golf professionals is to grow the game of golf. This goes along with the PGA 2.0 education program of making the game fun and exciting for everyone. We plan on continuing to do more “big things” in the program and hopefully getting more people thinking about and wanting to play golf.

Why do you think the video has gone viral?

It got in the hands of the right people. A promotion agency contacted me asking if we wanted help getting the video out to news stations and other media outlets. Obviously, I said yes! Also, it’s just a fun trick that not many people have seen before. Hopefully more people try to do something similar!

How would you describe the past few months for the PGA program so far? Winning the Jones Cup and now the international attention with the video?

We have always had a lot of pride in what we do here at Campbell in the golf program. We operate our university-owned golf facility. We go above and beyond average when it comes to developing playing and teaching abilities. David Orr, our director of instruction, cannot be left out either. He has gained some significant recognition in the last few months because he has worked with the No. 4 player in the world, Justin Rose, among other PGA Tour players, with their putting and short game.

What do you want people to know about the PGA program at Campbell?

I want people to know all of the above! Campbell University’s PGA Golf Management University Program has a great golf culture where people who love the game can come and learn about the business and the game in a way that isn’t offered anywhere else. We’re a unique program at an awesome school, and we’re glad that people are enjoying the video.

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