The putts seen around the world


The video of nine students in Campbell University’s PGA Golf Management University Program (CUPGM) making nine putts in one hole has been picked by so many news organizations that it might be easier to list who hasn’t reported on it.

As one measure of the video’s popularity: On Monday morning, the video on CUPGM’s You Tube channel had been viewed about 19,000 times. By 9 a.m. on Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 126,000 times. (10 a.m. update: The video has now been viewed by more than 132,000.)

Below is a list of some of the stories we’ve found about the trick shot. Add your own link to a story you found in the comments.

And here’s ESPN’s tweet about it:

And here’s a sports site out of Paris, France, tweeting about it:

Photo caption: The nine Campbell University students who made the trick shot and the camera operator who recorded it. Top row, from left to right: Patrick Bindel, Ben Polland, Patrick Carter, Mike Turck, Matt Foster (camera man), Nathan Mead and Jacob Wine. Bottom row, left to right: Ryan King, Taylor Ray and Mark Valenti.

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